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널 사랑한다고

내가 누군지는 몰라도

soooooooo... where to start?

basically, i'm a not so average girl living in her own fantasy world (most of the time) and i go to class (when i feel like it).

i started with super junior and dong bang shin ki and from there my obsession fandom has grown to include almost anything that the korean music industry dishes out.

i like to think i can write, and i don't usually post here (i seriously need to start reminding myself to update this thing XD) but i'm up for making friends, because (i'd like to think that) i'm a nice person. (long sentence)

i also tend to stalk people that i find interesting, so if i comment you endlessly, i'm sincerely sorry for spamming your inboxes with random babble.

basically, the only important thing that people should know about me is that i tend to go on these really long and pointless rants, that leave the listeners/readers boggled and me breathless or cramped fingers.

therefore be warned.